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Malmsten Boats is building boats for the 2,4mR class as well as other boats and related works. Check out projects completed for reference.


Sailing canoes has a strong tradition in Scandinavia and Torsten Sörvik ( renowned Swedish boatbuilder ) has been a long time enthusiast for these beautiful and well sailing boats.

Some years ago he undertook the venture to modernize the traditional sailing canoe found in Sweden. The result was Tejst, a sailing canoe designed to be used for both cruising and racing under the D-Canoe class rule. I now have the honor to represent these extraordinary fine crafted sailing boats as I truly feel they deserve to be known and sailed by more people that is the case today. It has a web precense at .

Though only in Swedish the pictures tells the story quite well. If you want to try one out there is a boat available for trial in Gothenburg. If you're interested please mail me at

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I am glad to announce that I able to deliver/mount teakdecking for cockpits and floors as well as complete decking panels premade by Baltik Teak, a company specializing in the business of teakdecking.

Stradivar 2.4mR Mk I v.2

Stradivari 2.4mR Mk IV

Stradivari 2.4mR Hc