The Stich & Glue 2.4mR

The international 2.4mR class

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Stradivari 2.4 Hc

The stitch & glue project

Ready for epoxy taping.

First hull sewn together. it all went together with little effort. Before taping one will need to secure that the hull conforms to the no concavity limitation above LWL by gluing some ribs onto the aft part of the 2 bottom planks.

Topsides fits nicely.

Third plank needed some adjustment as the templets where outside planking. Next set of pdf will be taken from inside planking.

Second plank to.

First planks fits nice. We have all the moulds up now as we want to select which ones are necesarry and which one we can leave out.

Templets. The pdf prints where glued onto plywood and cut.


The Stradivari 2.4mR Hc is intended as an easy to build lowbudget entry boat for the class, still competetive on the race course.


It has the same measured length as the Norlin Mk III in order to be able to fit it out  with used sails, spars and fittings from old/scrapped boats.


Using 4mm cheap and light asian plywood like Lauan sheated with 160gr/m2 cloth and epoxy

makes for a light, stiff, enduring and cheap hull/deck.


There's a number of different ways to build the keel.

Temporary keel and ruddermoulds can be made of hot wire cut foam. Another way to fix a keel would be to take moulds off from another 2,4.

On the first boat I will use the old keel mould from the original Norlin Mk III.

My estimate is that you should be able to build a boat for about 1/4-1/3 of what you pay for a new boat.


Making a joint effort together with your mates and build a couple of boats in your club, can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The plans are now available for purchase priced very favourable at

1000 EUR per boat built to the plans.


I will also be available via mail to guide you through the process and share experiences.


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