Stradivari Mk I

Stradivari Mk I


The Stradivari Mk I will be made available to the 2.4mR class again in 2018. Presently the moulds are being restored to production finish and boats will be built to order.

It will be made available at a very competitive price.


Price list here.


The Stradivari Mk I, designed and built by Hasse Malmsten was concived after having entered the class in 1987 by ordering the plans for the Norlin Mk III and built a number of them in cold moulded wood. After designing the boat in 1995-96 the sailing prototype was sailing for the first time in 1997. After some test sailing confirming the performance predicted, a set of moulds where built and 11 boats where built from these moulds.

Though small in numbers the design has proved to be competitive at the highest lever with a WC title as the best result in 2012. Though the boats are pretty old by now, the choice of materials and high build standard keeps a number of them going, achieving podium places in major regattas frequently.

If you can find a used one it's probably a bang for the buck if you want to go racing.