The 2,4 mR is a development class organised by The International 2,4 mR association.

It is an open design class in the same family as the classic metre yachts as the 12mR, 8mR and the 6mR.

This means that you constantly are trying to get more speed out of your old pram by progressing in attention

to detail as well as rebuilding the hull shape or refining the keel configuration when you have an idea of how to

get another fraction of a knot more speed out of your boat.

With good understanding of what produces speed for a sailing yacht and some work you may very well become

competetive at top level in an older yacht. My yellow rocket SWE 162, a Södergren mk III that was abandoned 

many years ago is a good example. After a thorough update structurally and some tweaking with the certificate

it became a constant threat to the newbuilt yachts.

Some may even be brave enough to design/build a new better boat in the garage during winter, or to collaborate

with a designer/boatbuilder for a new bid.

This distinguishes it from most one designs, where every couple of years you have to get a new boat because the old

one is clapped out and no longer fast enough.

"To those who say that one-designs provide fairer racing I would say that it is equally

  valid  to win races on the merit of the entire project as well as just sailing skill"