In the pipeline

In the pipeline

Norlin Mk 3 SWE237

My first Norlin from the production in Finland has found it's way back to papa and will receive a general overhaul during the winter. The goal is to have it upgraded to absolut top level and available for the 2019 regatta season.

You can follow the progress if you click the album link below.


Dave Hollom has penned this new design for the 2.4mR class. Known for his radical aproach to the 12mR for the Amaricas Cup in 1987 the White Cruisader also known as Hippo and other designs, dinghies as well as r/c controlled yachts this attempt bears resemblance with both Hippo and his r/c 6m and 10R. There´s still some detailing to be done but the geometry is set so anybody interested in taking part in this project is welcome to get in touch.

New 2.4mR design

2.4mR in style!

2.4mR versions of classic 12mR's like Austlalia II and Stars & Stripes still class competetive on the drawing board.

The Coster project

Timeless Sailing

Traditional double enders adopted for todays materials but celebrating the ingenuity embedded from centuries of evolution is in developement.