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Some work finished during 2019


Malmsten Boats is building boats for the 2,4mR class as well as other boats and related works. Check out projects completed for reference.


Unique opportunity to become owner of this very special E-canoe designed and built by Torsten Sörvik.

The E-canoe is best described as a Finn dinghy on steroids. As many of you may know the Finn dinghy has it's roots in the Scandinavian canoe sailing tradition. The Finn is in essence a C-canoe cut off at the rear end.

This modern E-canoe created by Torsten Sörvik is 6m long and 1.75m wide, and weights in at 130 kg and has 13m2 sailarea. It is a true performer that will give lots of adrenalin if you take her out in a breeze.

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Sailing canoes has a strong tradition in Scandinavia and Torsten Sörvik ( renowned Swedish boatbuilder ) has been a long time enthusiast for these beautiful and well sailing boats.

Some years ago he undertook the venture to modernize the traditional sailing canoe found in Sweden. The result was Tejst, a sailing canoe designed to be used for both cruising and racing under the D-Canoe class rule. I now have the honor to represent these extraordinary fine crafted sailing boats as I truly feel they deserve to be known and sailed by more people that is the case today. It has a web precense at .

Though only in Swedish the pictures tells the story quite well. If you want to try one out there is a boat available for trial in Gothenburg. If you're interested please mail me at

Stradivari 2.4mR Mk IV

Stradivari 2.4mR Hc