Stradivari Mk III

Stradivari Mk III

The Stradivari Mk III was conceived together with a Uk based team. A plug was built by Hasse Malmsten directly on the old wooden prototype for the Stradivari Mk I

The moulds and first series of boats were built in the UK. Not many boats has been built for several reasons but the few that are sailed competitively are proving themseves with frequent podium placings.

The mould set put to rest presently.

The Stradivari Mk III that has been sailed most frequently is GBR 115 sailed by Bruce Hill in the UK

He won the 2.4mR Open at Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club and was no 3 at Frensham Open on 2016.

In 2015 he had 2 podiums and won the UK nationals.

​In 2014 he was on the podium 3 times with 1st.

In 2013 he had 3 podiums and was 2nd in the nationals.

No doubt the design is competitive.

GBR115 is now for sale. Mail to