Sodergren Mk IV & V

Södergren Mk IV & V

This design from the hands of Håkan Södergren was first ment to supersede the Sodergren Mk III in production at Vene-Bjorndahl in Finland. As the choice for the successor of the Sodergren Mk III was altered to the Norlin Mk III a mould was made  in Stockholm and 10 boats were built.

Unfortunately the build was to heavy in the laminate layup so the performance potential was never reaslized.

After moving to Florida Håkan Södergren toghether with the crew on his design office set up a production of the design there in 1992.

A small number of boats were built under the name of Sodergren Mk V and raced but the project was halted.

Later when Håkan Södergren moved back to Sweden the moulds went to Malmsten Boats in Gothenburg and 1 boat SWE418 was built tested and tweaked and found very much competitive but due to the at the time prevailent assumption that the class was to convert to OD Norlin interest was lost to promote the design.

Some years after the millenium a new attempt was made by Pure Sailing in the Netherlands where you can order this good looking and well executed 2.4mR.