Stradivari Mk I by Petrus

Stradivari by Petrus

Petrus is an experienced kajakbuilder as you can see on his own web                       

In the summer he is running a kajak and sailboat rent out business. For this purpose he  has bought a number of           

Classic 2,4mR but as he is building strip plank kajaks proffessionally it was not far-fetched to feel inclined to build a

strip plank 2,4mR.    


As he turned to me for lines plan we decided to start out with the original Stradivari Mk I and make some adjustments that we

have found we want.

The major difference compared to the original design will be higher topsides midways and aft. The knuckle in the bow will be

taken away giving a different shape up front.

Most probably she will also get the slightly bigger keel that I use on SWE335 Spinal Tap.